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Advanced recognition technology for text, font, colour, size and text type.
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All our tools are simple and easy to use.

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Simply click on the text you want to edit. Edit PDFs detects and preserves the original font of your document. You can always change its type, size and color from the toolbar.
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Easily import your signature or an image and affix it anywhere on your pdf document. You will be able to save it.
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By selecting the drawing tool, you can easily annotate and draw all over your document.
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Easily redact entire sections of text from your PDF document with the eraser tool
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Rest assured and relax. All your PDF files are encrypted and stored securely on our servers.


No need to be a computer wiz to use Edit PDFs, our editing tools are easy and accessible to everyone.

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All the tools you need, in one place. Say goodbye to unnecessary back-and-forths and save precious time.

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Some more features


Instantly convert your PDF file to a Word, Google Doc, Google Sheets or Excel document


Split and separate your PDF file into multiple files


Combine multiple PDFs or specific pages into a single file


Easily reduce the size of your PDF without compromising on quality

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